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The Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian Education and Science Union (GEW MV) notes that there is a broad social consensus on the opening of daycare centers and schools even during this phase of the pandemic with a sharp increase in the number of infections. This also applies to the opinion within the membership of the GEW MV.


In the course of the increasing and high incidences of the age groups that are in the education system, the GEW state chairman Maik Walm nevertheless demands that society and politics finally recognize the serious situation for all growing young people and, above all, have to take fundamental action. This includes, first and foremost, making educational institutions the safest possible places for social interaction. “In day-care centers and schools, you are not safe from infection today. We demand differentiated communication from the state!” PCR-confirmed cases of infection reported in the school context certainly raise questions.

Maik Walm emphasizes that day-care centers and schools should not be about a conflict between the right to education on the one hand and health on the other: “The determination to keep facilities open without at the same time ensuring maximum health and occupational safety is still an issue in the At its core, a negligent playing off of legitimate claims to education and safety for children and young people and the right to health for everyone! The technical-digital, spatial and personnel requirements are still missing so that a flexible reaction can be carried out on site in this sense. In view of this, schools and educators have been in coping mode for a long time and are reaching their physical and psychological limits – to the point of complete exhaustion. The families also still lack support to cushion the consequences of this situation.”

The education scientist demands: “We shimmy from one final school exam to the next, from one semester more study time to another. We urgently need, and it is long overdue, a concept on how in-depth education can be made possible for everyone again and how well, in terms of the further life development of young people, the lost educational time and the psychosocial, possibly even health consequences of the pandemic can be dealt with can! One thing is clear: it will not work without healthy, well-trained and motivated staff!”

For the third time within the pandemic, the GEW MV is starting today position paper to determine the current situation, combined with a canon of demands to be made of the educational actors in the country.

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