Nail hidden in sausage: police are looking for bait-layers in Pulheim

Pulheim –

A dog owner who went for a walk with her four-legged friend in the Stommelerbusch district of Pulheim on Tuesday got away with the shock. As the police reported when asked, the animal almost ate a piece of sausage in which a nail was hidden.

The dog owner was able to prevent this at the last moment. According to the police, the woman found the bait on a dirt road in the direction of Ruckesweg/Kapellenweg, near a daycare center. She has since filed a complaint.

Local residents reported that bait had also been found in other parts of Pulheim. In Sinthern, a two-and-a-half-year-old dog died after eating poisoned bait. The dog owner has not yet filed a complaint. The police are asking witnesses to call 02233/520. (mma)


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