[N해외연예] Fan Bingbing, the third wife of pregnancy… “It’s just a regular gynecology checkup”

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Fan Bingbing once again denied the third pregnancy rumor that arose due to Chinese actor Pan Bingbing’s visit to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic.

Recently, Sina Entertainment in China released a photo of Fan Bingbing captured in front of an obstetrics and gynecologist, and reported on the conception of Fan Bingbing.

In the published photo, Fan Bingbing is wearing a loose white top and tight black pants. According to Sina Entertainment, the woman accompanying him took special care of Fan Bingbing, and Pan Bingbing later drove to a restaurant and ate with friends there.

In response, Fan Bingbing explained, “It is a regular women’s health checkup every year, please do not interpret it excessively.”

This is not the first time Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy rumors have been made.

Chinese media outlets raised the rumors of pregnancy about Fan Bingbing, who left Korea through Beijing airport in December last year. In the actually released airport photo, Fan Bingbing wore a baggy T-shirt, but raised suspicion that the belly protruding as if pregnant was not covered. It was a situation when he was leaving for the United States to dub the Hollywood movie ‘355’.

At the time, Fan Bingbing’s rumor of pregnancy, the agency sidely denied the pregnancy rumor on the official SNS, saying, “All food in foreign restaurants is high in calories, so try to control the amount of meals while working hard. You’ve gained weight.”

In addition, Fan Bingbing was also engrossed in pregnancy once again because of her appearance at a movie fashion event held by the Chinese edition of the fashion magazine Elle. Fan Bingbing was suspected of being pregnant because of the appearance of fattening on his forearm or back, wearing a design that did not reveal the waistline or body outline. The agency denied the pregnancy rumor, saying, “I just lost weight” at this time.

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