[N샷] Jae-suk Ha, continue on a diet after losing 24kg? “I can’t eat carbohydrates, so I’m fierce”

Ha Jae-sook Instagram capture © News1

Actor Jae-suk Ha, holding a cake, announced the situation by saying, “I am very ferocious because I can’t eat carbohydrates.”

On the 20th, Jaesook Ha said on his Instagram on the 20th, “The first sweet potato cake in my life, I haven’t even tried to wear it, but I am very happy that my friend Hyekyung’s family ate so well.”

He added, “I can’t eat carbohydrates, so I’m very ferocious these days, and I’m happy because I smell bread…”

In the released photo, Jae-suk Ha poses with her husband Lee Jun-haeng while holding a sweet potato cake each made.

Meanwhile, Ha Jae-suk lost 24kg before appearing in the KBS 2TV drama’Perfume’ last year and collected topics.

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