My Start-up Scholarship protects girls and boys from preschool

CDMX.- Well-being for Girls and Boys, My Scholarship to Start is a social program created to address the social problems of school dropout and precarious family income in Mexico City.

According to the government of Mexico City, the economic variable is a key element to explain school dropout, as it is one of the causes that limits the quality and social function of school. educational system in the capital.

“Well-being for Girls and Boys, My Scholarship to Start” proposes a universal coverage strategy for people enrolled in basic public schools, protecting girls, boys and adolescents from preschool to high school, by reducing dropout and helping in their school performance.

Thus, in this school year, male and female students entering the Mexico City education system for the first time at the preschool level will receive 1,370 pesos, as part of the Well-being program for Girls and Boys, My Scholarship to Start.

They will receive a scholarship of 500 pesos and 870 pesos for “School Supplies and Uniforms”, so the first amount they will be receiving is a total of 1,370 pesos.

Currently, one million 200 thousand students of public schools of basic education receive this scholarship.

The head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, has pointed out that a child who does not go to school with breakfast does not necessarily have a good grade, not because he does not make an effort, which is why his administrator decided to make this universal scholarship, call Welfare Scholarship for Girls and Boys in Mexico City.

All boys and girls who go to public preschool, primary and secondary school have a universal monthly scholarship.

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The goal is that all boys and girls can fulfill their dreams, that they know that education is a process of transformation in people and a process of transformation for nations, Sheinbaum said.

The “Wellness for Girls and Boys, My Scholarship to Start” program began operations in September 2019.

Due to its scope, dimension and coverage, it is an unprecedented social policy at the local and national level.

Claudia Sheinbaum arrives in Culiacán, Sinaloa; she is received by Governor Rocha Moya

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