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Maltese x Pomeranian Ponta-kun

Twitter user @ p_190224 Sanchi’s Maltese x Pomeranian Ponta-kun is a 2-year-old boy.

He is a friendly sweetheart who loves playing balls.


“Good morning ~.”

Ponta-kun sits on the owner’s futon and looks into the owner.

Dog see


“Hey, get up, it’s morning.”

I am working hard to wake up my owner.

Every time the owner turns over in the futon, the futon moves like a wave, but Ponta-kun keeps himself firmly on the futon.

Dog standing


“Yacht ♪”

Great sense of balance.

It’s like a surfer surfing!

Ponta-kun, finally looking at the camera, “How? My core is perfect ~ ♪”

Dog standing


I want to wake up every morning for such a cute Ponta-kun.

Click here for the owner’s account!

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