Mutilated equines. A donkey found with its tail cut off in the Oise


An equine would have been victim of a new mutilation in Oise. Sunday, September 13, in the morning, a 32-year-old donkey was found with its tail cut, near Compiegne.

The owner of the beast confided in France 3 Hauts-de-France. “She was standing with her tail bleeding. […] She is old. I don’t know how she could endure such pain ”.

A complaint for an act of barbarism against an animal

The man is also the manager of a transport company. CCTV cameras installed to monitor his company’s trucks captured the scene. According to his testimony, the images show the numerous comings and goings of two vehicles around the site in the middle of the night. At 6:33 a.m., one of the cars “Ram” against the fence of the enclosure.

“From there they’re rodeo in the middle of my mare and my donkey. We see in the images that they are chasing the mare in the car. A person gets out of the vehicle and tries to grab it. We see her panicking. She shouldn’t have let it go. So, they fell back on the poor donkey who is too old to defend herself and escape ”, laments the entrepreneur, cited by the regional channel.

He lodged a complaint the day after his sad discovery for an act of barbarism towards an animal. Shocked, the inhabitants of his town decided, after consultation with the mayor and the gendarmes according to the owner of the donkey, to carry out regular rounds to protect the animals.


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