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Created: 01/14/2022, 9:25 p.m

From: Jacob Koch


The dog was taken to a veterinary clinic by its owner. (symbol photo) © imagebroker/imago

Dramatic rescue operation: A dog is taken to a clinic by its owner – the vet could hardly believe what she found on the X-rays.

London – Apple’s little technical helpers, the air tags, are actually supposed to be used, for example, to locate your own keys. The principle is simple: the air tags are connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth and can be found with an accuracy of up to a few centimetres. But when a dog owner in south London activated the function on his device, he was surprised: instead of in the house, he found the Airtag in the stomach of his Labrador “James” – using the “Where is?” search on his iPhone*.

Dog eats Apple Airtag: Animal must be operated on immediately

How could that happen? Apparently the dog had simply eaten the technical helper the size of a two-euro piece. James’ owner reacted immediately: He immediately drove to the South London Emergency Veterinary Centre, a veterinary clinic in central London. His luck: “The dog must have been in great pain,” said the responsible veterinarian, Dr. Maggie Doherty of the British The Sun.

Apple AirTags can help you locate lost or stolen items. © Amazon product image

The veterinarian had never experienced such a case in her career. “It was incredible – we were stunned when we saw the x-rays,” said Dr. Doherty. It was immediately clear: Labrador James had to go to the operating table immediately. The animal was lucky: the vet team managed to remove the small airtag from the dog’s stomach in a complex operation. James survived.

Vet Doherty isn’t the only critic of the new technology. Even before the market launch last year, concerns were raised: the small devices are also suitable for “stalking” strangers or objects. The police in the Canadian region of York recently warned explicitly about the air tags: According to this, car thieves attach the small devices to vehicles in order to track them – and then steal them in peace and quiet in a quiet place.

Apple actually wants to prevent precisely such involuntary localizations: After a certain period of time, an Airtag begins to beep if it has not been connected to its owner’s iPhone for a long time. There are now special scanners for foreign air tags for Android users. *tz.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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