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Parents and children enjoying a concert held by “Sound Class Kalyon”

A music school in Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki City has produced a music picture book with the theme of tree education, and is calling on children to live in harmony with nature, including singing and dancing. A concert will be held in Ginza, Tokyo in the middle of this month. Children sing and dance with the main characters in the picture books. I enjoyed the feel of wood with a wooden instrument in my hand. We will continue to plan concerts all over the country to convey the importance of wood.

The music class is “Sound Classroom Kalyon”. Started in 2000. Instead of just teaching music, they stimulate the five senses of children by dancing to songs, drawing pictures, and singing songs to picture books. From zero-year-olds to sixth grade, more than 1,500 children have attended in 21 years.

Azusa Hiramatsu (left), the representative of “Sound Class Kalyon”, etc. = Both in Ginza, Chuo-ku

Representative Azusa Hiramatsu (45) made all the walls and floors of wood in Southern Hokkaido Sugi when a part of the classroom was renovated into a free space last year. Touching on the importance of wood, he joined the “Wood Utilization Promotion Forum” that Kawasaki City is working on.

Imports of foreign trees have increased, demand for domestic trees has decreased, and it has become difficult for people to reach the forest. When forests become rough, they cannot play a role in preventing sediment-related disasters and floods, and preserving biodiversity. The forum is making fun efforts to convey the goodness of wood and the significance of using domestic timber in order to increase the number of wooden buildings.

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Carillon produced two music picture books. In “Kuma no Ko Full and Mahou no Crayon”, a bear cub full wanders into a rough forest, and when you cut a tree with a saw drawn with a magic crayon found there, the sun shines deep into the dark forest. It came to arrive-. In “Makuramori no Croske”, a lonely forest fairy Croske meets a girl in the woods. It is a story in which the main characters struggle to revive the forest together.

Musical instrument “Bird Call”.When you turn the screw part with your finger, it makes a sound like a bird chirping.

On the 13th and 14th, a two-part concert using these two works was held at the MUJI Ginza store. Many parents and children participated in each session. Children cheer for a full-cut tree with a saw, or play a wooden instrument called a “bird call” as a bird chirping. Shunsuke Eguchi (40), an office worker in Chiba City who participated with three parents and children, said to the excited appearance of his only son, Ayumu-chan (three), “I usually like music, but picture books and music are connected, and there are wooden musical instruments. It was a good ride. “

At the workshop after the concert, I used sandpaper to polish the instrument “Claves” that makes sounds by hitting two trees. The children gladly picked it up and took it home.

Children sanding the wooden instrument “Claves” at the workshop

“Claves” is devised so that the part it has is rounded to produce a unique sound.

At Carillon, staff members visit the mountainous areas of northwestern Kanagawa prefecture to experience forest therapy and thinning and learn about tree cultivation. Mr. Hiramatsu said, “Children are taught that’don’t hurt plants’and’let’s cherish nature’, but cutting trees protects the forest, which will lead to coexistence with nature in the future. I want to have fun while touching the trees. “

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Claves processes thinned wood collected from all over the country by the forum in cooperation with “Nakahara Kobo” in Kawasaki City, and hands it to children at concert venues in various places. On December 11th, a concert will be held at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza at the north exit of JR Kawasaki Station in Kawasaki City.

Mr. Hiramatsu is enthusiastic that “there are people all over the country who cooperate. I would like to hold concerts with those people in the future.” For inquiries, please contact Carillon = Den 044 (872) 9253 = or from the homepage.

Written by Eiji Yasuda / Photo by Mami Ikeda

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