Music critic explains why ‘blue lights’ are getting worse

Critic Babichev: when filming New Year’s concerts, the same formats are increasingly used

On holidays, when everyone gathers at the New Year’s table, they turn on “blue lights” in the background so that the broadcasts brighten up the joint pastime, music critic Yevgeny Babichev shared this opinion with At the same time, he stressed that over the past five years, there has been a feeling that “we are going somewhere in the wrong direction.”

According to the critic, when filming New Year’s concerts, the same directorial moves and formats are increasingly being used. There is no such brightness for which the Russians fell in love with the “lights” in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he is sure.

At that time, we expected experiments and unexpected formats from these concerts. I remember my youthful emotions after the announcements that appeared two weeks before New Year’s Eve. And I was looking forward to these shows, like a miracle. Because then the audience was offered interesting and expensive production projects. And lately it’s notBabichev emphasized.

He noticed that the audience is getting younger, and the older generation is no longer so interested in these performances. Babichev believes that the concepts, formats and, in general, the New Year’s “grid” need to be revised.

I remember how a few years ago, before New Year’s Eve, voting was held in advance among viewers, it seems, of the First Channel in social networks. They could choose the artists they would like to see among the speakers. Then the online audience voted for the duo Miyagi & Endgame. At that time, these musicians were not in the mainstream, so they refused. But I liked the idea of ​​asking the audience. It would be great if a dozen artists who would perform at the New Year’s show were determined in the same way— concluded the music critic.

As Moslenta wrote earlier, only 13% of Moscow residents this year are going to watch Blue Lights on the night of January 1. It is noted that 43% of the townspeople will still turn on the TV for the holiday, but they will do it only to create a background. In turn, 44% of Muscovites will not watch the concerts that are traditionally broadcast on New Year’s Eve at all.

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