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“Murder and homicide” in a glass: “Brandenburg is a beer country” – Berlin

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“There is murder and homicide at our stand,” says Doreen Wolf from the tourist information in Kyritz. This small half-timbered town in the northwest of Brandenburg. Fortunately, Wolf means no tangible scuffles, but the historic black beer that she and her colleagues serve each year at the Knatterstadt stand during the International Hanseatic Days.

It is one of the many small craftbeer varieties that are brewed in the marrow – whether in Kyritz, Fürstenwalde or Bernau. At least 27 independent small breweries currently exist in Brandenburg – some are brand new, others are old-established.

In the past few years, the Kyritzers around Doreen Wolf came around with their tasty goods from the Ostprignitz-Ruppin district: They have already traveled to the Norwegian mountains, to Pärnu and Viljandi in Estonia, to Kaunas in Lithuania, Rostock or Lübeck. “People are always in line, especially in the Baltic States.”

Around 1,000 liters also went over the counter at the “Sim-Jü” festival in the Westphalian twin town of Werne an der Lippe. The beer itself has an eventful history.

Already in the deepest Middle Ages drunkards got their hair together while enjoying the dark brew, Angela Städeke from the Kyritz home association knows: “In his book Beer Studies from 1872 historian Dr. JG Theodor Grasse about a Kyritzer beer called ‘Murder and Homicide’, which because of the unhealthy water that was used, even if you drank so little, was very intoxicated and stimulated to quarrel. ”

Back then – unlike today – the water would have been of poor quality. “The act of brewing made it edible,” explains the hobby historian. The Kyritz arable people probably processed their grain into beers hundreds of years ago. “The Kyritzers sold it in barrels to Hamburg and Lübeck. Because of its high alcohol content, it lasted longer. ”

And you don’t even taste it. The strong “murder and homicide” recipe drinks well. Nowadays it is a porter with 7.2 percent alcohol, tasty, refreshing, sweet.

It is unclear who invented the beer

It is not clear who exactly brewed the Urbier in the 17th century, regrets Angela Städeke: “In the Middle Ages, every court had brewing rights for their own home use. There were around 300 in Kyritz alone. ”Taking hops and malt would not have been common, she says. “Rather hops and grudge, so herbs that were present.”

Also in Fürstenwalde, Oder-Spree district, “Kyritzer Mord und homicide” is available in Spätis. The cathedral city has its own craft beer and almost 500 years of brewing tradition. In the Middle Ages, more than 100 of the 300 houses had the right to brew. At that time, Fürstenwalde was the second largest brewery location in Brandenburg after Bernau. After the last company closed its doors in 1936, the town hall brewery started its beer again about 75 years later.

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There in the old vaulted cellar of the town hall, guests can relive the beer history of the city on the Spree in the brewery museum. “We have around 2000 visitors a year,” says Bernd Norkeweit from the Rathausbrauerei. Anyone who takes a tour will learn that 300 hectoliters of unfiltered beer are produced in the copper kettles every year.

“Pilsner beer, rye beer, the dark craftbeer Krüger Kersten, named after the most famous Fürstenwalder master brewer or the seasonal Christmas beer. Around 3,000 liters of this alone go over the counter. ”The Fürstenwalder microbrewery sells its fresh, sparkling varieties in the 1-liter flip-top bottles itself and through the city’s tourist office, says Norkeweit.

In the old vaulted cellar of the Fürstenwalde town hall, guests can learn more about the long brewing history of the Spreestadt ….Photo: Kitty Kleist-Heinrich

Kyritz specializes in black beer

This Spreewald private brewery has existed since 1788. Guests can enjoy a hearty Spreewald specialty in the restaurant with a direct view of the Pils, Dunkel, Zwickel, Hefeweizen, Maibock, Oktoberbier and other seasonal beers. Another restaurant with a brewery is located in Wittenberge in the Prignitz.

The Herzbräu is produced and tapped in the listed “Old Oil Mill” directly on the Elbe, named after the builder of the oil mill, Salomon Herz. “Brandenburg is a beer country,” says Bernd Norkeweit from the Rathaus brewery Fürstenwalde.

In Kyritz, for example, the art of brewing developed through the Poststrasse from Hamburg to Berlin as an economic branch and became one of the most important trades. The recipe for Kyritz’s “Murder and Homicide” has been handed down over the centuries. The beer was never really gone, but at times something disappeared into the sink.

During the GDR era, the operator of the “Seekiste” pub, which has since ceased to exist, derived from this. “Peter Wegerich had the idea to reissue the Schwarzbier in Kyritz,” says the Kyritz hobby historian Städeke.

Brandenburg has a long tradition of brewing, which is also shown by the museum in Fürstenwalde.Photo: Kitty Kleist-Heinrich

New edition of “Murder and Homicide” 1996

For this, the restaurateur would have had the colorful label with the two ruffians, which is still emblazoned on the bottles, designed: “Since there was no longer a brewery in Kyritz, he had the Urbräu delivered from the nearby brewery in Dessow, but without a label , and stuck his own on it. ”In 1987 for the 750th anniversary of the city, he wanted to serve the beer. “The state power prohibited him because of the messy name.”

Today beer is brewed in such tanks.Photo: Kitty Kleist-Heinrich

After the fall of the wall, the city of Kyritz reissued the “Murder and Homicide”. In 1996 the first barrel was pierced at a local trade fair. The Schwarzbier was brewed in Dessow until the brewery stopped there in 2008.

After various tastings, the decision was made in Kyritz to have it produced in the Neuzelle monastery brewery in the Oder-Spree district. Water, hops and a lot of barley malt are in today’s Porter. “We are guided by the old oral recipe,” says Maria Schiller from the monastery brewery.

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It is handcrafted far from mass production. “We brew in small quantities, are in contact with the raw materials and not a big brew,” explains the specialist. “When you enter our hall, you smell the malt.” That is why her beer has a lot of profile.

The city also benefits from beer

The Neuzelle monastery brewery sells around 350 hectoliters of “murder and manslaughter” each year in bottles, plus around 20 hectoliters in barrels. Most of the customers come from Berlin and Brandenburg. “But it is also exported to the USA, the Baltic States, Ukraine and Denmark,” says Schiller. Tourism or the “Handmade in Germany” exhibition, in which products are sent on a trip around the world, made the beer known.

The city of Kyritz is now the owner of the brand and benefits from the sale. The city receives around 800 euros a year from the license fees. The city’s catering establishments support the beer anyway.

Especially in the warm months, it was well received, says an employee of “Bluhms Hotel”: “In some weeks we sell three boxes. Foreign guests in particular ask a lot when they read it on the menu. ”A local supermarket and beverage retailer also offer the local brewing material. In the neighboring town of Wusterhausen even a flower shop drapes its containers with the black beer.

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