Murcia coronavirus classes back | Education lowers the safety distance to one meter for the return to presence in Infant and Primary

The safety distance between students will not be set at 1.5 meters in the Infant and Primary classrooms. Without that fixed limitation, The Ministry of Education has begun to organize the return to the daily presence of the Infant and Primary students, set for April 29 in the first case and May 6 in the second. The decree that will regulate the return to presence establishes that “distance limitations must be met”, but do not stick to that fixed limit, which would have complicated the return of schoolchildren, since in most cases it is almost impossible to put the 25 students in a medium-sized classroom while maintaining a meter and a half of distance between the desks. The counselor, Mabel Campuzano, announced this Friday that the safety distance drops to one meter, but the order that will regulate the return to the presence will not specify measuresIt simply removes the reference to the previous meter and a half.

The Ministry of Education thus applies the new ‘Law of urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures to face the health crisis caused by Covid 19’ state, published in the BOE on March 30. This rule, which eliminates the 1.5-meter limit, states that in educational centers “the adoption of the necessary organizational measures must be ensured to avoid crowds and guarantee that students and workers can comply with the indications of distance or limitation of contacts, as well as personal prevention measures, indicated by the health and educational authorities.

More than 3,200 signatures against the appointment of Campuzano

The Ministry of Education, which met this Friday with the Commission of Directors of Infant and Primary, will leave the organization of the return to full presence in the hands of the management teams. Thus, they will be the ones to decide whether to unfold, organize class shifts or distribute the schoolchildren in other spaces.


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