Murcia Competitions | The Ministry of Education raises the offer of teacher positions to 1,240 positions

Last teacher exams, in 2019. / nacho garcía / agm

Primary, Infant and English are the specialties with the most options in the 2022 competitive examinations

Fuensanta Carreres

The more than 12,000 Murcian opponents who are preparing the tests to achieve a teacher position will finally compete for 1,240 teacher positions. Education has increased its initial offer, which reached 1,072 positions, with 169 more, to meet the demands of the unions. The Sectorial Board of Education, in which the unions with representation and the Ministry of Education are integrated, close this Wednesday afternoon the offer of public employment for next year, when 1,240 places will be put out to tender, the largest offer in many years. The specialties of Infant, Primary, Therapeutic Pedagogy and Hearing and Language and English are those that concentrate the largest volume of places.

The call for teacher oppositions was delayed a year due to the pandemic, and must respond to the losses and retirements that have been accumulating since 2019, the last year in which competitions were held for the body of teachers. Education announced last week that the Secondary and FP competitions, which must be held in 2023, will get a minimum of 963 places. Thus, between the two calls, it is planned to award some 2,000 places.

The regional Administration hopes that by the summer of 2024 the consolidation of 2,458 places started in 2017, without prejudice to the coverage of the retirements produced in the same period, “to thus achieve a historical drop in interim employment in the teaching sector.” The bulk of posts will be allocated to the bodies of teachers and secondary school teachers, although new additions are also contemplated in those of inspectors and professors of music and performing arts.

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