Municipal daycare centers are completely connected to the fiber optic network

Fire stations, youth centers and more: 35 buildings will have high-speed internet for 1.1 million euros.

By Timo Lemmer

Remscheid. The city completes one component of its digital strategy: All 18 city day care centers are connected to the fast internet. The city’s fiber optic network, which the technical companies (TBS) are expanding with their Solicom brand, is becoming denser and denser, according to the town hall. The remaining buildings of the digitization project will follow by the end of the year: 35 facilities such as day-care centers, voluntary fire brigades, children’s and youth centers or large refugee accommodations will then be supplied with fiber optics. The city WiFi is also available everywhere. The construction costs for this part of the project amount to 1.1 million euros.

Patricia Langhammer evaluates this news extremely positively. She sees the fast network as making day-to-day life much easier. Capacities would now be free for support and work with the children, explains the manager of the Croenchen daycare center: “This is a time saver that benefits the children.”

But her main focus is different: early childhood education and the digital education of all daycare children. The top of the city also refers to this. The fact that both Lord Mayor Tim Kurzbach (SPD) and City Director Dagmar Becker (Greens) came to Cronenberger Strasse to celebrate the achievement of a milestone underscores the fact that the city is very proud of its Smart City efforts. Both representatives from the town hall underlined and justified the fact that the fiber optic connection had a high priority in this concept, especially for daycare centers. Tenor: Children grow up in a fundamentally different world than previous generations. That is why it is so important to offer supervised and time-limited digital education from daycare entry.

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Motto: Today even small children come into contact with screens – then it’s better to train them to use them in a healthy way. However, this must be flanked by the parental home, emphasize the experts from the youth city service, Mareen Rülle-Rüttler and Stefan Stiel.

Tobias Ziemann (TBS) and project manager Andreas Freund reported that the day-care centers were just as well equipped as the schools before them: with 1 Gigabit connections. Glass fiber is the most promising technology and communication basis of the future. Particular attention is paid to data security. An app for the municipal kindergartens is also under construction – among other things for direct communication with parents.

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