Moyamoya in the final episode of “TOKYO MER” … “I don’t come to my chest” “I regret” –Maijitsu

TOKYO MER ~ Running Emergency Room ~ Ryohei Suzuki Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu

On September 12, the 11th and final episode of the drama “TOKYO MER-Running Emergency Lifesaving Room-” (TBS series) starring actor Ryohei Suzuki was broadcast. Although it ended like a happy ending, there are criticisms from viewers that it is “smoky.”

There are seven members of the life-saving emergency team “TOKYO MER”, which was established to save the lives of patients by rushing to the scene of accidents, disasters, and incidents. Chief Doctor Kota Kitami (Suzuki), Resident Hina Tsurumaki (Ayami Nakajo), Nurse Natsume Kuramae (Nanao) and Vietnamese Nurse Juan Lan Min (Fon Chi), Anesthesiologist Jiro Fuyuki (Nobuya Kote), clinical engineer Motoichi Tokumaru (Yuto Sano), and Nao Otowa (Kento Kaku), a bureaucrat and doctor of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Bravely jump into a dangerous scene to save lives …

In the 10th episode before the final episode, Kitami’s younger sister Ryoka (Shiori Sato) died at the hands of terrorist Elliott Tsubaki (Yu Shirota), who Kitami had previously helped. And in the final episode, Kitami suffered from a feeling of loss and self-responsibility due to Ryoka’s death, and began to withdraw to her home.

“I don’t feel the need to kill Ryoka …”

Meanwhile, a terrorist bombing occurs by Tsubaki’s hand. MER members other than Kitami are dispatched, but the number of injured is too large to handle. And when it became a pinch of desperation, Kitami appeared dashingly. He responded brilliantly to the accident site. Kitami also treats camellia shot by a pistol in public security. As a doctor, he did his best to save the life in front of him.

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After that, MER was officially approved on a sunny day, and Kitami continued to cast MER as chief. At the end, the drama ended with a scene where all the members were dispatched.

It ended like a happy ending, but many viewers weren’t convinced of Ryoka’s death.

“Hmm. Because it was a good drama, I regret that I was sick of Ryoka.
《Ryoka-chan, did you need to die again? ?? ?? 》
“thoughts. It would have been great if Ryoka hadn’t died.
《After all, Ryoka-chan was shocking last week, so even if I look at the final episode, it doesn’t come to my heart very much》
“I don’t think it’s a good drama in any way when Ryoka dies.”

There is a voice saying.

In a sense, it could be said that it was a bad end.

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