Motul provides free online training for distributors and workshops


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Updated:04/24/2020 01: 52h


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Motul Ibérica provides online technical training for distributors and workshops free of charge. The company has launched this initiative with the aim of being closer than ever to professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic, offering content on key aspects for the world of motorcycles and cars to provide them with more knowledge and added value to your business.

Directed both to clients as non-clients of the brandThe courses will be conducted online and in streaming, so attendees will be able to participate live and share their questions and queries, which will be resolved by a technical professional from the company. The trainings will focus on two major areas, motorcycles and automobiles, with specific courses on topics such as lubrication, manufacturers’ regulations and lubricants for each type of engine and the range of additives, among others. Users interested in participating in the training can formalize their registration online.

Furthermore, Motul wants to go a step further and offers professionals the possibility of make custom courses to respond to your specific needs. In this way, the theme of the courses will be tailored ad hoc according to the demands of the users.

Motul has launched another additional initiative focused on providing telephone technical assistance through the number 900 82 78 72. This service is open to all users to help resolve your doubts and provide advice. The company also has a virtual platform that advises clients on the right lubricant for each type of vehicle and offers key information for mechanics, in order to facilitate their work.


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