Mother in Haaksbergen suspected of strangling newborn baby


A 30-year-old woman from Haaksbergen who has been in custody for months, is suspected of murdering her newborn son. This became clear this morning at the start of the trial. The Public Prosecution Service assumes that she strangled her baby with the belt of her bathrobe, reports RTV Oost.

The woman was not present at the hearing this morning. She did make a statement at the police interrogations, but it was brief. She says she cannot remember anything about the night in question. “Find it out, research will tell,” said the mother.

After the death of her son, she did not seek medical attention. According to the Ministry of Justice, she did send text messages ‘about little cows and calves’ to others.

Gruesome details

Justice announced during the hearing that the woman intentionally “injured the body” of her baby, as the charges state. The baby had an 8 centimeter fractured skull and a bruise on the tongue.

The mother is charged with murder because, according to the OM, she killed her son with a preconceived plan. If this cannot be proven, the Public Prosecution Service wants the court to convict the woman for manslaughter.

The case came to light when the woman and her partner reported to the hospital in Enschede with the child on the night before Easter Sunday. The circumstances under which that happened were suspicious, so doctors called the police.


In and around the couple’s home in Haaksbergen, research was carried out by forensic experts. A video construction followed again later. The mother was there too. On her instructions, it was recorded on film what she thought that fatal night had looked like. Finally, a Defense search team deployed special radar equipment that can look through walls and into the ground.

After the parents made an initial statement, they were released again. The mother was arrested a few days later. The father was also a suspect at first, but he is no longer a suspect.

The mother has already given birth to a child that lived only a very short time. In either case, her environment did not know she was pregnant. The woman said to friends and family that she herself did not know either.

This morning was the pro forma session. It is expected that the lawsuit will be dealt with in substance at the end of this year, early next year.

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