Moscow Longevity Centers of the North-East Administrative District presented the Top 7 events for this week

Well, the real snowy winter has come! And in the self-organized clubs of the Moscow Longevity Centers 55+ every day there is something new: concerts, acquaintances, meetings, online projects, lectures, shows, ideas and their implementation. Here are the top 7 events for this week.

1. The duet “Inflorescence” will present the concert “The winds did not blow in vain”

On November 28, 2022 at the Bibirevo Moscow Longevity Center at 14:30, the long-awaited concert of the Duet “Inflorescence” entitled “The winds did not blow in vain” will take place. The duet members Margarita Smirnova and Galina Petrushkina, laureates of Moscow and regional competitions and festivals, bright, charming, incendiary artists will perform Soviet pop songs and romances with a “zest”. We are waiting for Muscovites 55+ for a positive concert!

Time: 28 November 14:30

Address: str. Prishvyna, 12/2.

2. Meeting with psychologist Anastasia Shcherbina on the topic “Mothers and daughters. On whom do harmonious relationships in the family depend?

A meeting with psychologist Anastasia Shcherbina on the topic “Mothers and Daughters. On whom do harmonious relationships in the family depend?

The project participants will discuss a dynamic and complex system of relationships defined by many concepts and stages of development. Each generation has its own principles, views and family laws that maintain order and harmony in the family.

“Who is part of your family? Why is it enough to start building relationships in a new way, even for one family member, so that the situation in the family as a whole begins to change? These are the questions that the meeting participants will discuss. We invite everyone!

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Time: 29 November 18:00

Address: Dmitrovskoe highway, 169 V., 4th floor

3.Master class in yoga

Many believe that yoga works wonders. It helps to fill the body with vitality and energy, has a complex effect on the mind, body and spirit. It also keeps you young and in shape. Yoga classes have a positive effect on immunity, help to cope with various age-related diseases.

On December 1, a yoga master class will be held at the Babushkinsky Moscow Longevity Center especially for those who want to maintain health, gain inner strength and self-confidence. It will be held by a professional fitness instructor of the club “Fitness Land “Moose”

Time: December 1 11:00

Address: st. Comintern, d. 9, building 1.

4. Concert program “Let’s sit in a good way” of the group “Nadezhda”

The Moscow Longevity Center “Severny” will be glad to present you the concert program “Let’s sit in a good way” from the team “Nadezhda”. The ensemble will perform a program of lyrical, Cossack and folk songs dedicated to the themes of love, fate, relationships and feelings.

The love of the Cossack people is different: for the Motherland, because defending the Fatherland is the mission of a real Cossack; to home and family; as well as the love of a faithful Cossack woman who is waiting for a loved one from long trips. We are waiting for everyone to enjoy soulful songs.

Time: 2 December 14:00

Address: Dmitrovskoe highway, 169 V, 4th floor

5. City-wide online project “Weekdays with benefit”

All week from 11/28/2022 – 12/02/2022, the Severny Center for Children’s Hospital invites you to take part in the city-wide online project “Weekdays with Benefits” from the Sokolniki Center for Children’s Music – warm-up and gymnastics for memory training.

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Every day, in a cozy location and friendly atmosphere, participants will maintain a healthy lifestyle during a period when immunity is more vulnerable, as well as energize from joint meetings. Throughout the week, master classes will be held for all lovers to actively and usefully spend time in a circle of like-minded people.

Time: 28.11.2022 – 02.12.2022

Address: Dmitrovskoe highway, 169 V, 4th floor

Detailed information can be clarified by phone: 8-495-870-44-44.

6. Festive show “Defile-D”

On December 3 at 05:00 pm, the Maryina Roshcha Central Moscow Museum will host a festive show of Defile-D, which will be dedicated to the anniversary of the club leader Lyudmila Yakushina.

Lyudmila Yakushina is a fashion designer, owner of Fashion House, creator of an art laboratory for artists.

The Defile-D club is a movement art club, there is no age limit in the defile. Participation in the club requires a certain physical fitness and artistry. We are waiting for everyone!

Time: 03.12.2022 17.00

Address: Suschevsky Val 31 building 2

7. Lecture on astrology

Everyone knows that there are only 12 signs of the Zodiac, but not everyone knows where we inherited this duodecimal system from. Notice that this number surrounds us everywhere: twelve months of the year, twelve hours, twelve pairs of ribs, twelve apostles, twelve labors of the mighty Hercules. And the ancient Sumerians gave us this system, they practiced astrology 5000 years ago.

An interesting fact is that many great scientists were astrologers: Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Copernicus, Newton, Kepler, Einstein. Many of them hid this knowledge from the public so as not to cause public outcry. After all, those who possess this knowledge understand the world much better than others.

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Do you want to know some secrets too? Then you are expected to attend lectures on astrology at the Otradnoye Center for Longevity in Moscow!

Time: 4 December 13:00

Address: st. Rimsky-Korsakov 6

Telephone of the Unified Reference Service: 8(495)870-44-44

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