Moscow 11-graders and their parents wrote a “trial exam” in the Russian language

More than 66 thousand future graduates in Moscow took part in the test in the format of the Unified State Examination in the Russian language.

More than 66 thousand metropolitan 11-graders wrote the first city test in the format of the Unified State Examination in the Russian language. The event took place on Saturday, November 26 at the examination points. At the same time, Moscow parents decided to test their knowledge in the USE format and wrote a similar test at the Center for Independent Diagnostics of the Moscow Center for the Quality of Education.

The procedure for carrying out the control work was fully consistent with the present exam. Future graduates got acquainted with the features of the state final certification (SFA) in 2023 and assessed their level of preparation.

“The task of the “trial exam” is to help the student understand what he should repeat, what topics to pay attention to, what to improve in the process of preparing for the exam. The results of this test will not be taken into account when giving the final grade, but it is very important for the self-diagnosis of the children, and we are glad that the parents decided to support the children and experience firsthand how the examination process goes,” said the Deputy Head of the Department of Education and Science of the city Moscow Natalia Kiseleva.

Based on the results of the test, schools will be able to recommend 11-graders a basic or advanced group to prepare for the Unified State Examination at workshops. With the help of these recommendations, the eleventh grader will be able to choose his group. Workshops on the subjects that children will take at the Unified State Examination will begin for them in the second academic semester.

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Parents also visited the place of Moscow schoolchildren. They also went through the full examination procedure, got acquainted with the tasks and tried to answer the questions of the control measuring materials.

“My eldest son is in the 11th engineering class. And I have many acquaintances whose children study in grades 9 and 11, and many parents experience more than their children, they hire tutors. And the children themselves are worried. I wanted to see how it goes – and I didn’t see anything terrible, a completely adequate environment. Therefore, I will say this to my son: there is no need to worry about anything, just “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Learn, study, and there will be no problems. Yes, here you can’t write off or ask someone for a hint – but that’s why we study at school so that there is a result. I would advise everyone to try to write a “trial USE” so as not to listen to others and rumors about the exam, but to draw their own conclusions and advise the same thing to their child, tune him to the right wave, ”said Polina Kuskova, mother of an 11-grader at the Dmitrovsky school “.

Not only parents decided to visit the Center for Independent Diagnostics – the stars wrote the control work: singers Mark Tishman and Vasily Pasechnik, actress Yulia Parshuta, Olympic champion Maria Kiseleva and others.

“My eldest daughter took the exam this year. I saw how she prepared, understood how it happened and took everything quite close to her heart. Therefore, for me, the trial exam was not news. But I myself have not experienced such emotions for a long time. Exams were very different back in my day. And it was interesting for me to feel how children feel when they enter school, when they receive leaflets, when no one is around, when everyone has their own tasks, and you are left to yourself and alone with the knowledge that you need to show now, – said Maria Kiseleva. “Everything went very smoothly and pleasantly. And most importantly – accessible, which is very important. If the explanations are incomprehensible to children, this can increase their level of anxiety. The trial exam is a very good practice. It’s like in competition. When you first get on them, the excitement just rolls over, but once you go through this path several times, and you understand what awaits you, how to cope with it in order to reach the maximum result. And it is very good that the test exam is held early enough. The kids will have significantly more time to prepare.”

Schoolchildren and parents will learn the results of their work by December 12. You can view them in your personal account on the portal.

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The next test in the USE format will be held on December 3, 2022. It will be devoted to mathematics at the profile level.

The schedule of city tests in the USE format and detailed information can be found on the official website of the Regional Information Processing Center of the city of Moscow in the “Training Events” section. If you have any questions, you can ask them by calling the RCOI information and consultation center: +7 (499) 653-94-50.

Moscow schools are switching to a new format of education in high school with an emphasis on the most effective preparation for the Unified State Examination. In the second semester, 11-graders in groups will attend special workshops on the subjects they need to enter the university.

City-wide tests in the USE format this academic year will be held in all subjects at examination points and on the basis of educational organizations. They will help students feel the atmosphere and learn the intricacies of the examination procedure in order to feel more confident during the real exam. In addition, based on the results of the work, 11th graders will be able to understand which group for workshops they should enroll in in order to prepare for the exam in the most qualitative way – a group of basic or advanced level.

More information about the new format for preparing for the Unified State Examination can be found on the School.Moscow website.

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