Moria Casán dedicated a tender greeting to Belén Francese for the birth of her godson

Moria Casán officially became the godmother of Domenico board, the first baby of Belén French with her husband Fabian Lencinas. In the last hours, the former vedette communicated through social networks that she became a mother.

“Welcome Vitto to the world, my adored godson! Congratulations to your parents and enjoy life. Happy, full. Hold on love,” he wrote Moria Casán in your account Instagram with the photo of the newborn’s feet. In April of this year, Belén had communicated her decision to have Moria and Marley be the godmother and godfather of their first baby.

Moria Casán’s message / Photo: Instagram

“My baby already has godparents chosen. I thought about Moria Casán and in Marley but at the same time I would also like them to be my sister and my brother-in-law. I know there could be four people so I am finding out in which parish all four accept me. And if not, some will be godparents of the heart”Francese said at the time.

Belén assured that she did not speak with Marley about it but that she had expressed her wish to Moria that she be one of the godmothers. “He told me by message that he would love it,” he revealed. In addition, he referred to his special relationship with the TV host. “I love him! I adore Marley because he is how he looks, he is a being of light and he is good. He is one of the people I love the most in the business. He was always very generous with me, very attentive and I have great affection for him, ”shared Francese.

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“Just like Moria and Nazarena Vélez. I do not want to name some and others, not so they are not offended, but I am to stay cool with the people I worked with, “said the actress.

Finally, she confessed who were the first celebrities to know that she was pregnant. Angel de Brito and Marley and the two kept the secret. Ángel has many sources and I don’t know how he does it but he finds out about everything first. And with Marley we went to eat pasta and he realized “, he mentioned.

“I didn’t lie to either of them but I asked them to keep the secret. With Noelia Marzol she is the one with whom I talk the most about pregnancy. We worked together and one day she told me: “You know something that I also know and that we are both traveling.” From there we share with a lot of humor what happens to us with our tummies, we see the similarities and differences and we even made a live recounting all this, “closed Belén.


Out of pure emotion for Vitto’s arrival, Belén Francese shared her joy through a post on social networks with her first sensations when she became a mother. “Vitto was born, derived from the Latin Vita, life”, began his story through his Instagram account.

“Our entire life given to Him. Dead of the Most Incredible Love that I felt in my life, we are in limbo mode. I can not stop completing it ecstatically (Later when I am relieved I will tell you all the most beautiful experience). In love is little. Thank you all! My everything, and yes, it equaled two, “she joked about the 3,200 kg her baby was born with. Happy to become his godfather, Marley commented on the post: “So good !! Finally !! It made him wait !! Congratulations Belu and your husband”.

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