Morena urges PAN to dictate ‘My Scholarship to start’

Sebastian Ramirez Mendozapresident of Morena in Mexico Cityexhorted that the program ‘Well-being for Girls and Boys, My Scholarship to Start‘ be elevated to constitutional status.

This to the members of the Commission of Constitutional Points and Citizen Initiatives of the local Congress.

Also, the president of brunette regretted that the president of the mentioned commission and member of the National Action Party (PAN)Diego Garrido López, whoever delays the discussion of the proposal.

The same that was proposed by the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum that would benefit the students of the city.

And it is that Ramirez Mendoza He claimed not to understand what they were waiting for panistas of the Congress of Mexico City to approve it, since it seems that they do not want the rights of boys and girls to be fulfilled.

“It is unacceptable that the PAN members continue to discuss among themselves whether or not minors deserve the opportunity to have a scholarship that helps them to continue their education and prevents them from dropping out of school”

Sebastián Ramírez Mendoza, president of Morena in CDMX

More than 500 thousand parents are expected to support the initiative

During the swearing-in of sectional links of Morena in the Milpa Alta town hall, the President of Morena in CDMX, Sebastián Ramírez Mendozacommented on the proposal ‘My scholarship to start’.

And it is that he attacked him PAN to rule that Sheinbaum’s proposal became effective.

However, he assured that they had 250,000 signatures from parents who supported the scholarship initiative and hoped that, at the end of November, they would join more than 500 thousand signatures.

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Finally, he criticized that the local PAN deputies, Christian Von Roehrich and Diego Garrido Lopez They did not miss any report of where PAN mayors were uncovered for the CDMX Government Headquarters.

But they did not advance in the legislative work, referring to the delay of the proposal on ‘My Scholarship to start’.

And it is that he assured that this situation did not imply any legislative or social benefit, for which “They get paid without working.”

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