More than pals? Prince Andrew may possibly have dated Ghislaine Maxwell, who has fallen from grace

Prince Andrew may possibly have dated disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to banker Euan Rellie, who was friends with Maxwell in university, he was invited to a evening meal at Jeffery Epstein’s New York home by the heir.

When asked for the event, he replied that it was “for my good friend Prince Andrew”.

Rellie recalled that from her response it appeared that she and the Duke of York ended up much more than just good friends, implying that they may have dated at some point.

“He described Andrew as his close friend, not Jeffery’s,” he stated in a new ITV documentary.

“I acquired the sensation that Prince Andrew and Ghislaine experienced most likely been engaged in the previous.

“They had an simple heat with each and every other.”

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