More than 400,000 girls and boys have already signed up for the Progresar 16-17 year old scholarships

The number of registered has already reached 400,000 girls and boys aged 16 and 17 years for the expansion of the Support Program for Argentine Students (Progress) which has as a condition school enrollment, regular attendance and academic performance. Thereof, 382,000 currently attend school; while 18,000 will resume their studies with this scholarship. This educational policy aims to improve the conditions for sustaining the pedagogical trajectories of secondary school students who need to strengthen learning and complete compulsory education. Currently, the national educational portfolio is awarding 1,066,501 Progresar scholarships in all its lines to young people over 18 years of age.

The Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, said regarding the program that “…it is an educational policy that expanded and protected the rights of girls, boys and their families in Argentina”. And about the news of Progresar he said: “For an Argentina that wants to be more just and federal, a quality public education is necessary, and we as a State are the first responsible for the students being in school, recovering learning and finishing their studies. Today, with the line of scholarships for students aged 16 and 17, we are investing and working to achieve the goal of maintaining full attendance and solving the problems we had and still have”.

With the aim of guaranteeing social protection tools for youth; strengthen their accompaniment in terms of income; promote public policies that facilitate the possibility of continuing educational trajectories for those who want to train professionally; complete their compulsory education or the study of a higher level career; understanding that the future of our society lies in the strengthening of the development and power of young people, the national State created the Public Trust Fund with funds from the Solidarity Contribution of the Great Fortunes to finance the different lines of action that make up Progress .

Applicants have time to register until January 31, 2022, on the Progresar website. The requirements to apply for the scholarship are: be between 16 and 17 years old; be a native Argentine or with a residence in the country for not less than two years and that the income of the family group to which the student belongs does not exceed three times the Minimum Vital and Mobile Salary. The amount of the scholarship is $5,677, it is annualized in 12 installments and includes a connectivity bonus and its duration is a maximum of 2 years.

8 years of Progress

Progresar was born on January 22, 2014, during the presidency of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, as an economic and pedagogical policy for young people between 18 and 24 years of age from the most neglected sectors of the country to start or complete their studies for the different educational levels. .

Currently, the program offers 4 lines of scholarships: Progresar Compulsory (which includes Progresar 16-17 years), Progresar Superior, Progresar Nursing and Progresar Trabajo, whose registration will begin in February and March. In addition, the Progresar Points were opened, which are information and support spaces for young people with the aim of guaranteeing their right and strengthening their permanence in the educational system and enabling graduation.

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