More than 400 thousand medicines have sold the pharmacy network “Renacer de Los Sueños” in La Guaira

Hypertensives, anticonvulsants, anticoagulants, vitamins and even treatment for COVID-19, are part of the 180 drugs offered by the network of pharmacies “Renacer de Los Sueños” run by the mayor of Vargas, in La Guaira.

Since February 2021, when the pharmacy network began, they have treated 114,082 people with 401,125 treatments, “the drugs with the highest demand have been Losartan, iron, Diclofenac, complex B, Omeprazole, Amlodipine, Altorvastatin, Cetirizine”, added José Alejandro Terán, mayor of Vargas.

In this sense, he added that this pharmacy network is part of the Drug Supply Plan for Chronic Diseases, promoted by the national government, through health agreements with Iran and contributions from private sectors.

The four municipal fixed and two mobile pharmacies serve more than 3,000 patients per day per pharmacy, at prices up to 70 percent lower than those of the conventional market.

“The interesting thing is that it is the communities that coordinate and inform the route of the mobile pharmacies. From the community to visit, to the medicines that are required ”, carrying out some 394 operations, said Terán.

The action and social responsibility of the pharmacy network stands out, with the donation of 6,115 treatments to vulnerable people and health institutions, reported a press release from the Últimas Noticias portal.



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