More than 212 thousand children live in the Grodno region. How the region takes care of their well-being and safety

We will tell you how children are provided with the right to education and a decent standard of living.

June 1 is the International Children’s Day. This is not only one of the favorite holidays of children, but also a reminder to adults that children need constant care and that the life of every child should be under the reliable protection of adults.

Multilevel help

More than 212 thousand children live in the Grodno region. Ensuring their right to education and a decent standard of living is a priority in the work of government agencies.

As stressed Ruslan Abramchik, head of the main education department of the regional executive committee, it is possible to effectively implement mechanisms for supporting childhood and strengthening the family only through interdepartmental interaction of all organizations authorized to protect the rights of children.

– In the Grodno region, mechanisms have been worked out to ensure the safety of children, control over children in disadvantaged families, and prevent child offenses. All measures have been taken so that every child can receive psychological assistance in a timely manner, – shared Ruslan Abramchik. – Measures are being taken to prevent neglect, delinquency, protect the rights and legitimate interests of children, which are primarily focused on the child and his family.

Find the reason and figure it out

Child safety in summer: water, sun, road, ticks and berries

The range of issues that specialists in the protection of childhood rights have to solve is wide. This is the identification of orphans and children left without parental care, the solution of issues of their further life arrangement, assistance to children from disadvantaged families, the solution of issues of protection of children’s housing rights, measures to prevent social orphanhood, child abuse.

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According to head of the department of social and educational work of the main department of education of the regional executive committee Olga Nenartovich, one of the most difficult areas is the resolution of disputes related to the upbringing of children. The number of such cases increases annually. In 2020 alone, child welfare specialists took part in more than two thousand court hearings.


– Most often, it is necessary to resolve disputes about the place of residence of the child in the event of a divorce of parents, the participation of parents in the upbringing of children, as well as disputes over communication with the grandchildren of grandfathers and grandmothers, – Olga Nenartovich told. – Today, much attention is also paid to the prevention of unlawful behavior of minors. And here the main task is to find the reasons for this behavior of the child and direct all efforts to eliminate them. Individual preventive work is organized, not only educational institutions, but also law enforcement agencies, and, if necessary, health care institutions are connected to it.

Regularly throughout the region, Legal Aid Days are held, within the framework of which the norms of legislation on the rights of the child, the administrative and criminal responsibility of children for committing illegal acts, the benefits provided by the state to orphans are held, receptions are held by representatives of state organizations.

For a consultation with a specialist

It is impossible to imagine the education system without social and pedagogical centers. In our region, SOCs operate in each district. In 2020 alone, more than 10 thousand children and about 13 thousand parents received professional psychological and pedagogical assistance from specialists of the SOC.


– Consultations with children and their parents, meetings at parent-teacher meetings, seminars for colleagues, trainings – we try to improve the efficiency of work to protect the rights of children and help them in difficult life situations, – told director of the regional social and pedagogical center Irina Kazhuro.In working with children and their parents, the issues of preventing violations in parent-child relationships and relationships with peers, prevention of bullying and family violence, and crisis conditions in children are topical.

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In the regional center there are six psychologists who can be contacted for advice or help to parents and children, teachers on a variety of issues.

The center’s psychologists will help you sort out any situation. You can make an appointment by calling 55-70-33. You can also get advice online.

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