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The virtual programming for the month of July Museum of Human Evolution was followed by a total 100,225 people and since the MEH began its online programming, in May, it has added 205,352 followers. The activities carried out by this museum on social networks have been followed by 49,911 Internet users in May, 55,216 in June and 100,225 in July.

The cycle ‘Connections with the Sierra‘, which brought together 67,058 Internet users, brought together the archaeologists who worked on the excavation campaign for the Sierra de Atapuerca sites to explain their work. In addition, the Museum continued with archaeological conversations led by its scientific director, Juan Luis Arsuaga, who spoke with archeology professors Lauro Olmo about ‘The Visigoths’, with Agustín Azkárate about the archaeological investigation of the Vitoria cathedral and with the director of the Madinat al-Zahara Archaeological Complex, Antonio Vallejo about the Caliphal city on the outskirts of Cordova. These talks were followed by 2,718 people through the ME’s YouTube channel

The Museum’s Facebook channel hosted Musical performances every Thursday, with artists such as Daniel Guantes, Yahaira, Showmotion, Theo or Sirifo Kouyate, who brought together 17,686 followers in their concerts. In September the MEH will schedule performances on this same social network.

Authors such as Santiago Posteguillo, Lorenzo Silva or Javier Sierra gathered 2,638 readers on the MEH Instagram channel. In September the MEH will host, either virtually or in person, the presentations of the latest books by Alex Grijelmo, Sonsoles Ónega or Alexis Ravelo. The Museum will also host a new section, called ‘Conversations about the new normality’, with journalists like Ángeles Blanco, Ana Pastor, Javi Nieves or Pepa Fernández.

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