More than 200 children from the Semillitas de Dios Foundation were treated in a health day

In the next one, they estimate to have the collaboration of specialists in gynecology, dentistry, among others, in this way, to cover more people in the Villa Celestial sector who need it so much.

The Semillitas de Dios Foundation carried out a medical care session in partnership with Alinca, to serve the most vulnerable children in the UD-336 Villa Celestial sector in Puerto Ordaz, this Wednesday.

Yheizzi Hidalgo, vice president of the Semillitas de Dios Foundation, mentioned that from 8:00 in the morning more than 200 children were attended with the nutrition day, from infants to 12-year-olds, as well as pregnant women for deliveries of multivitamins , height and weight measurement, among other evaluations with nutritionists and general medicine.

Hidalgo said that this is the first time they have made this alliance, they even estimate a next project with specialists in gynecology, dentistry, etc., to cover more people in the sector who need it so much.

Hidalgo recalled that they have worked to help poor children of Villa Celestial, through the programming that they provide every Saturday with breakfast, in addition to being instructed with principles and values ​​based on the word of God.

“We have had to adjust to the issue of the pandemic. However, we continue working for our children, taking biosecurity measures into account, ”said Hidalgo.

He also indicated that they request support to complete the installation of the roof of the foundation, and provide more comfort to the children who attend the headquarters.

For those interested in collaborating with the foundation, they can contact them through their accounts on social networks Intagram and Facebook @ fundacion.semillitasdedios

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