More than 1,200 families benefited from animal protein in Yaracuy

The Sovereign Field Fair through the Venezuelan Food Producer and Distributor (PDVAL), favored 1,219 families with protein combos, during the weekly mission of the Food Mission.

From the Socialist Missions Base (BMS) “Rosa Inés 21”, in the San Felipe municipality, the operation for the distribution of animal protein was carried out.

The food missionary, Jonathan Escalona, ​​reported: “With joy we receive these protein combos for our families who come to fill the town with joy at this time of year, all thanks to the strengthening of the food policies of our Bolivarian Government.”

In addition, the Oscar Escudero, Rosa Inés 21 and Valles del Yurubi communities benefited, “each family nucleus receives two quality chickens at a fair price, which represents a delivery of more than four tons of protein,” said Escalona.

By virtue of the guidelines of the national Executive through the 1×10 of Good Government, as part of the 3R.NETS, the Food Mission continues the distribution of animal protein in the BMS in the territorial entity.

Source: Minpal


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