more than 11,000 new infections in Florida in 24 hours


The Covid-19 pandemic has killed at least 527,241 people worldwide since the World Health Organization (WHO) office in China reported the onset of the disease in late December, according to the latest report. drawn up by Agence France-Presse (AFP), on the evening of Saturday 4 July. More than 11,145,640 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 196 countries and territories, of which at least 5,727,400 are now considered cured.

Since the last AFP report, Friday evening, 4,376 new deaths and 180,827 new cases have been recorded worldwide. The countries with the most new deaths are Brazil with 1,290 new deaths, Mexico (654) and India (442).

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  • High-risk national holiday in the United States

The country by far the most affected with 2.8 million cases and at least 129,437 deaths, the United States recorded, Friday, 57,683 new infections, according to the count of Johns Hopkins University. In Florida, where a curfew was instituted in Miami-Dade County, the most populous in the state, as of Friday, a new contamination threshold was crossed on Saturday with 11,458 additional patients in 24 hours.

South and West are facing an outbreak of cases that “Puts the whole country in danger”, in the words of Anthony Fauci, director of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases. Many states have had to pause the deconfinement, or even backtrack, hastily closing bars and beaches and lowering the festivities for the national holiday on July 4.

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President Donald Trump, much criticized for his management of the pandemic, barely raised the subject in a speech Friday evening at Mount Rushmore, as in a video message broadcast on Saturday, in which he assures: “We are about to get out of it. “ Mr. Trump must also return a “Tribute to America” Saturday night in Washington, where authorities promise fireworks « monumental » and the distribution of 300,000 masks.

  • 200,000 people reconfigured in Catalonia

The region of Catalonia on Saturday ordered the confinement of an area comprising some 200,000 inhabitants, around Lerida in north-eastern Spain, faced with the multiplication of cases of contagion. Groupings of more than ten people are prohibited and visits to retirement homes are suspended.

This reconfiguration coincides with the reopening of the borders on Saturday to nationals of twelve new countries.

  • In England, beer is flowing again in pubs

In England, pubs, hotels, hair salons, cinemas and museums were able to resume service on Saturday, although many have preferred to remain closed for the time being. In the evening, the streets of Soho in London were filled with happy drinkers and the pubs in Manchester were crowded for this long-awaited reopening.

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In a tweet, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said “Absolutely vital that everyone respects the rules regarding social distancing”, fearing that the proximity between the 6.5 million alcoholic visitors expected in pubs this weekend, according to the CEBR think tank, signals a strong return to the epidemic.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland preferred to adopt their own deconfinement calendar.

Far from being still defeated in the United Kingdom, the virus that killed 44,000 people in the country – the heaviest death toll in Europe – has picked up strength in Leicester, leading the authorities to reconfigure 600,000 inhabitants.

  • Melbourne confines, Beijing decays

In China, the municipality of Beijing, which experienced a rebound in the number of Covid-19 cases in mid-June, announced Friday the lifting of most movement restrictions on Saturday at midnight, claiming to have stopped the contagion. After two months without any coronavirus contamination, the city of 21 million inhabitants had suddenly seen the number of cases multiply last month. At least 331 people were thus contaminated.

And at the time when Beijing is deconfiguring, Melbourne, Australia, is placing thousands of people under house arrest for five days in a district where a hundred cases have been discovered. Already on Tuesday, the mayor had announced that around thirty neighborhoods with more than 300,000 inhabitants (out of five million inhabitants in total) would be confined until July 29.

Russia, meanwhile, announced Saturday that it has passed the 10,000 death threshold, but the low number of deaths compared to that of infections (more than 670,000 cases) raises questions about a possible underestimation of mortality.

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