More resources for the PAE and quotas for higher education, among requests from the Valley to the designated Minister of Education

Santiago de Cali, August 5, With a panoramic view of education in the region, governors, mayors, university rectors, congressmen and the academy exposed in the first round table with the appointed Minister of Education, Alejandro Gaviria, the needs to improve the academic sector in Valle, Cauca, Nariño and Chocó.

The Governor of the Valley, Clara Luz Roldán, pointed out that among the main issues in which support from the national government is required is the School Feeding Program, “the PAE is worth $65,000 million a year, the national government supports us with $17,000 million, and more than 80% of the educational institutions in the 34 non-certified municipalities are rural, which makes transportation necessary to guarantee that the children go to study.”

To address one of the main claims of young people, the president also indicated that quotas are needed “so that they can do technical, university technological and double degree courses.”

Minister-designate Alejandro Gaviria expressed his willingness and commitment to work on these aspects and assured that “we have to achieve convergence, a systematic improvement in education rates. If you want to see a goal of increasing the number of students in higher education in these four years, it has to be above 50,000 students in the increase in coverage. We are making a large and exhaustive agenda, there is also a budget discussion coming”.

For his part, the rector of Univalle, Edgar Varela, specified that there is “a deficit of quotas in Valle del Cauca and in the southwest, which today have 158,000 in all higher education institutions and the national standard would give 230,000. Our universities have strong capacities and we are willing to work with the national government with additional responsible financing to be able to increase the offer of quotas. In the quadrennium we would aspire to some 80 thousand additional quotas”.

The President of the Senate of the Republic of Colombia, Roy Barreras, indicated that the educational sector is a priority for the new Government. “A first agenda has been deployed where the priority is education, it is the regional dialogue that President Gustavo Petro has wanted to do and we will continue to do it with a minister on each occasion. Education is a priority.”

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This scenario, said Jorge Tamayo, representative to the Valle del Cauca Chamber, has been important because it allows the academic sector, the business sector, the government sector and the political sector to have a single agenda and not disperse efforts.

Leidy Oliveros Munera
Valley Government Journalist

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