more and more French people won over by the actions

Posted the 11/24/2021 6:14 PM

Update the 11/24/2021 6:53 PM

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O. Poncelet, T. Guery, G. Basle, L. Hauville

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The CAC 40 continues to break records. With more than 7,000 points reached in May, the stock market attracts many French people.

Several new retirees have opened a portfolio of shares, and are observing the French companies to which they remain loyal. “I give the example of Hermès whose share is now worth 1,618 euros (…) against 250 euros in 2015”, rejoices Marie-Claire Cohen. The retiree, who has managed to make a great added value in seven years, learns very closely about several companies, by attending several conferences.

The CAC 40 has broken real records over the past thirty years: “The stock market reports, if we add the capital gain and the dividend, about 9% per year over thirty years. That’s not bad”, says Rémi Le Bailly, editor-in-chief ofInvest. Retirees are not alone in being won over by shares on the stock market: “A thousand euros to start and then try to go a little further (…) I did not necessarily have the means before but now that I am starting to be a young adult, this is the opportunity”, confides a young man present at a conference.

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