More and more children have behavioral disorders. How they manifest and what causes them

This syndrome is manifested by isolation, the tendency to take refuge in technological consumption, shyness or, at the opposite pole, crises of aggression, violence against others, excessive nervousness. Symptoms may occur in children aged 1 to 12 years. The cause seems to be, first of all, the lack of the parent in the child’s life, the lack of attention, too little time spent together. “The latest statistics speak of a Romania in which children are increasingly lonely, being deprived of parental time and attention or even neglected, including when parents are present in their lives. The data show that there are over 80,000 children whose parents have gone to work abroad[1], and 26% of them have both parents gone and left alone at home, in the care of other people “, say psychologists.

Another worrying study shows that 1 in 10 children in Romania talk to their parents for only a few minutes on a working day. The study also showed that families “coexist” under the same roof, instead of spending time together, and children have their own TV, internet access and telephone in the rooms, so they seem to live in their own building. in addition, parents complained that they were too tired after work and that they did not even talk to their children when they got home.

“More and more children are violent and feel the need to impose themselves in front of colleagues at any cost, ironizes them and sometimes become violent verbally, physically, but especially emotionally,” says psychologist and psychotherapist Mirela Horumba.

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