Mookda slapped the face of Mike / director, delighted with the mead.


The series “Gentlemen of Thieves”, “Mead in the Sun”, has come again tonight.

This scene, “Pethamphung” is sad to know that “Suea Pha”, the thief husband, killed his fiancĂ©e like “Pha Thep”, was extremely disappointed. The story smoldered. It is a scene where both Mike Phatadet and Mukdanarinrak have to spend a lot of concentration.

The stream from the drama fans I keep watching that the drama is fun, the picture is beautiful. This event, the director of the land of Prasit Santi was gratified and thanked the fans of the drama.

“Mead inferno” tonight (5 Oct.) 8:30 p.m. Do not miss

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