Montpellier: magic at the Opera for the enchanting Mozart

Images for young and old: “The Magic Flute” is an unforgettable spectacle. In Montpellier, this Tuesday January 17 and this Thursday January 19, if there are places left…

We have never seen so many children at the Opéra Comédie de Montpellier, where “The Magic Flute” is sold out. And all hold out during these three hours of opera. A new success for this show created and recorded in Nancy last year!

The Mozart universe created by Anna Bernreitner does not skimp on resources, and the sets and special effects are inspired by Disney, Warner, Ghibli and video games – “classics” for parents to decipher. In a circular decor, three worlds revolve, and it’s a firework of colors, lasers, projections, a commedia dell’arte with whipped cream wigs, where walrus, jellyfish, the great night peacock, ram and shrimp dance.

Marc Ginot

Musically, the Orchester de Montpellier lights its finest fires, each section has its moment of grace. The conductor Constantin Trinks, who knows him well, accentuates a symphonic and direct side, more in the action than in the exchange.

The flight of Papageno

Everyone has their own destiny. The performers assume the quirky side, in particular the formidable Tamino by Amitai Pati, the convincing Pamina by Athanasia Zöhrer, and the sublime Queen of the Night embodied by Rainelle Krause, facing the less successful Sarastro from In Sung Sim. Monostatos, the Three Ladies, the Three Boys on a Slide, and all the other roles, have a lot of presence, especially the opera chorus, which blossoms beautifully.

But the hero is Mikhail Timoshenko whose Papageno lives a feat because he is not a fowler but a bird! He flies, leaps, assumes himself as a jester, and imposes himself, magnificent, vocal and airy, moving in his suicidal project. The iconoclastic staging therefore puts Mozart’s opera into perspective, makes cuts and additions, including a feminist reframing. Papageno eats the snake that has become a maggot, Papagena, the flamingo, lays eggs…

Marc Ginot

Marc Ginot

The visual sometimes distracts from the lyrical. Faced with these well-found comical sides, the mythological trials in the temples of Nature, Reason and Wisdom find no scenic philosophy. Too bad, but long live the children’s party!

“The Magic Flute” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, January 17 and 19 at 7 p.m. at the Opéra Comédie de Montpellier. ARTFX’s “Crescendo” video game in the lobby. Complete, except no-shows.

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