Montalbano in rerun on September 15, but there is controversy in Rai


Rai1 deploys again Montalbano in reply after the excellent response on Monday evening (19.1% share against 19% of Big Brother VIP on Canale5). To repeat the competition, the flagship network offers a new appointment with fiction based on the character created by Andrea Camilleri.

Tonight September 15 will air The Carousel of Exchanges, which first aired in February 2018. The story unfolds over two intricate cases that the commissioner must investigate. On the one hand, the disappearance of a merchant who apparently refused to pay the protection money, on the other a series of mysterious lightning kidnappings. An antique shop was the subject of arson. Marcello Di Carlo, its owner, a mature spendthrift playboy, has disappeared.

Montalbano begins to investigate, but there is something wrong. In the meantime, mysterious disappearances of girls take place, who are then released without harming them. These lightning-fast kidnappings seem incomprehensible but the commissioner realizes that the two cases are actually linked. The turning point comes when he discovers who is the trader’s latest flame (Silvana), the girl with whom he recently spent a holiday in the Canaries and who he has never introduced to anyone. In addition to investigating his identity, a series of misunderstandings risk sending Montalbano on the wrong track.

Alongside Luca Zingaretti, also in the cast Cesare Bocci, Peppino Mazzotta, Angelo Russo, Sebastiano Lo Monaco, Roberto Nobile, Giovanni Guardiano, Desirée Noferini (in the role of Silvana Romano), Raffaele Esposito, Chiara Muscato, Davide Lo Verde, Ubaldo Lo Presti , Ketty Governali, Daniela Giordano, Noemi Giambirtone, Salvatore La Mantia, Bruno Di Chiara, Giovanni Argante, Salvatore Gioncardi and with the participation of Sonia Bergamasco (Livia, girlfriend of Montalbano) and Fabrizio Bentivoglio in the role of Giorgio Bonfiglio.

The broadcast of Montalbano in reply was not appreciated at all. In the last few hours, Michele Anzaldi, Rai Supervisory Advisor, replied controversial at the company’s choice to move the fiction from Saturday (When should have clashed with the debut of Tu Sì Que Vales) to Monday. In its place was proposed the film Murder on the Orient Express which did not raise the expected ratings. According to Anzaldi, behind the change of programming of Rai1 there would be a move aimed at favoring the program of Maria De Filippi on Saturday evening.

“Rai should clarify who decided and why the change of programming of Rai1 for the first evening of last Saturday, for which Commissioner Montalbano was initially foreseen, then replaced by the replica of a film already on the air a few months ago”, Anzaldi writes on social media. “There is behind it some favoritism or flattery of some manager towards the presenter Maria De Filippi, face symbol of the competition that Rai1 has chosen in a very questionable way to host the special on violence against women, instead of favoring an internal host? ”

What will become of Montalbano in reply? Will it end up on the bench as soon as Rai1 broadcasts the new fictions scheduled in the autumn schedule?

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