Monopoly challenges its fans to transform their cards, Campaigns

“We are delighted to be able to invite all Monopoly fans to give their opinion on the game, since, today more than ever, the community is especially important in our lives. We want our consumers to choose the new cards in the game’s Community Box, helping us to capture this renewed community spirit ”, they point out from Monopoly. Thus, through its website and until April 9, the fans will decide worldwide the 16 future cards of the Community Box of the new edition of Monopoly.

Topical messages on the Internet and in the streets

“A snowstorm with a grandmother’s name devastates your balcony” or “Pay M150 for the repair cost” are some of the original phrases that can be read on the streets of Madrid or found browsing the Internet and social networks. In addition, Monopoly invites you to participate in the voting of the Community Box cards of the next Edition through a QR code on the streets and redirecting to the web directly in digital.

Challenge for solidarity purposes

As part of its spirit of belonging to the Community, Monopoly goes a step further, helping the most disadvantaged society hand in hand with the Save The Children Spain Foundation. Each vote completed on the web will help Spanish children in poverty to continue studying and attending school safely.

For Hasbro and the Save The Children Foundation, playing is one of the most important ways for children to consolidate their learning and knowledge. Hence, both entities work daily to promote family play and to create pleasant and safe spaces that give children the opportunity to play, explore and grow.

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