Monica Bellucci confides in the education of her daughters Deva and Léonie

Monica Bellucci is a mother of two daughters.

Between 1996 and 2013 Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel lived a passionate love story. After their union, in 1999, they also gave birth to two daughters: Deva (born in 2004) and Léonie (born in 2010). Although the two stars have since divorced, they are still on good terms and participate in the education of their children together. This Thursday, September 29, Monica Bellucci also confided in her role as a mother in the columns of “Gala”. Indeed, the actress says that her daughters represent everything in her eyes, but that she is happy to see them fly with their own wings: “I do not want to be a mother who locks up, on the contrary, I am happy to see it fly away”. The ex-wife of Vincent Cassel surely refers more to Deva Cassel, the eldest of the siblings, since at just eighteen years old, the young woman became the face of the Dolce & Gabbana brand and now lives in New York. with his boyfriend. A journey that echoes that of Monica Bellucci.

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Infallible support

If Deva Cassel is the pride of her parents, the young woman does not hesitate to express her admiration for them either. During an interview for “Muse,” she said, “I always thought of my parents as mom and dad, from when I was very little until…

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