Money in the dog’s kennel, Anti-violence Center: “Sorry so much poison against Cirinnà, we could help many women”

Rome, 5 Aug. (Adnkronos) – “What I feel today is a great regret. That money would have been destined by our association to women victims of violence who are trying to return to being independent, who are hoping for a job, in a house. The sum, which would have been donated to us in full, would have been an important resource ”. Talking to Adnkronos is Sabrina Gaglianone, president of the Olympia de Gouges Anti-Violence Association, in the province of Grosseto, indicated by the senator of the Democratic Party Monica Cirinnà as the beneficiary of the 24 thousand euros found last year in her property in Capalbio and currently under seizure in the case in which they had been delivered by the magistrates.

“Cirinnà, who had made us such a generous and important proposal, told us that everything would have to go through the judge, but we didn’t expect a similar ending. Besides – he continues – I am also sorry for the poisonous fury towards the senator herself, because her intention was to do something very consistent with what is her spirit, she who spends herself on causes of this kind “.

“Our center follows women victims of violence, 145 in the last year – underlines the president of the center – it has a shelter, a second reception house, minors to manage. We have listening points scattered throughout the territory, in short, a great job. Now, as far as I know, there will have to be a civil court ruling. As for me, I will write something in the morning, but it is the judge who has to decide. We still hope, it would be such a beautiful thing for an association that offers a service in the area, which works side by side with the social services, with the carabinieri ”.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)

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