Moncloa shuffles differentiating hunting dogs in the animal protection law

The future Law for the Protection and Rights of Animals becomes dormant over time due to discrepancies in the coalition government that adhere to the fact that Moncloa and the Ministry of Agriculture are committed to differentiate hunting dogs from others, while Social Rights advocates not making distinctions and that hunters comply with the considerations that are required of the rest of the owners of these animals.

That dispute too divides animalists and hunters, since they want hunting dogs to be better protected under the umbrella of the law and they point out that their dogs are not pets.

The Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 has prepared a draft of the draft Law on Animal Protection and Animal Rights and will start the prior public consultation process next Tuesday, November 30, when he wanted to submit the text to public participation on October 6.

The draft of the law includes the ‘zero sacrifice’ of companion animals that they are healthy, the end of some practices such as cockfighting and pigeon shooting, allow the breeding of animals only to authorized people, protect the feline colonies and create the concept of animal sanctuary.

In addition, the text worked on by the General Directorate of Animal Rights includes the ban on the sale of pets in stores, does not allow to raise animals that are not native (such as the American mink, used in fur) and does not authorize circuses with wild animals.

Too remove the list of potentially dangerous dogs, promotes the effective identification of pets to end their abandonment and urges the ethical control of urban fauna before the use of any lethal method.

Hunters’ lobby pressure

However, United We can point out that the department led by Ione Belarra has been “waiting for the green light” since October 6 of Moncloa to start the processing of the law, which is part of the coalition agreement signed by the two parties in the Executive and part of a motion of the Congress of Deputies approved last May with the rejection only of Vox.

Sources of Social Rights indicate that from the PSOE they are “scared” by the hunters’ lobby, when “it is a very consensual law, which does not even address the issue of hunting yes or no”, but rather “addresses animal abuse”. “Hunters who do not mistreat their animals are not going to have any problem,” they add.

The Presidency of the Government confirms that the legislative draft is “in inter-ministerial analysis phase“.” There are certain aspects on which it is still necessary to continue the debate. The final rule will take into account the reality of our towns, of our rural environment, as well as the abundant regulations that exist in the matter of animal protection “, they add.

This delay in the processing of the law has motivated citizens of the animal environment to send emails to Moncloa expressing their “deep revulsion” due to “the sad and unsustainable situation that has been going on for a long time on the mass rearing, neglect and abuse of hunting dogs in Spain “.

“They want to leave the dogs of the rehalas outside the law with the argument that it attacks the rural world, but hunting is not prohibited, but that these dogs have the equal rights and be in the same well-being conditions than other dogs, “Mati Cubillo, the president of the Federation of Animal Protection and Defense Associations of the Community of Madrid (Fapam), points out to Servimedia.

For Cubillo, leaving hunting dogs out of the law would mean “abuse, death and misery” for those animals, since the norm provides “a minimum of animal welfare” that protection associations and kennels must also comply with, for example. “Ethically, it is aberrant that a law protects some dogs yes and others no according to their activity “, sentence.

Other sources of the animalistic environment indicate that the “paralysis” of the law is due to political and not technical reasons, since “the hunters have managed to convince Planas”, alluding to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. “But the law does not prohibit hunting, but regulates it because it establishes under what conditions can it be exercised. When something is regulated, you shield it in time and take it out of limbo, but with certain conditions, of course. The hunting sector prefers to continue living in the chaos and freedom in which they have been until now, “they add.

Rejection of the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation

The group of hunters came to hold meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to express your discomfort with the draft law, and even the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation sent a letter to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in which he requested a meeting regarding that rule.

For Manuel Gallardo, president of the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation, the legislative draft is “an absolute nonsense” because it “mistreats animals” by advocating “genital mutilation of female and male companion animals” (that is, their sterilization), as well as “no breeding” and “not being able to give a dog to anyone”.

Gallardo emphasizes that the norm proposes “a new social model where animals are above human beings“,” goes against the freedom of the individual “and invades autonomic powers. In addition, he assures that” in theory “all dogs with microchips are already identified and that the law”would most likely end the hunt in Spain “by setting limitations or prohibitions for pigeon shooting, silvestrism and hunting partridge.

The law violates the possession of hunting dogs when the hunting dog is not a companion animal, it is much more, a useful dog for the activity that it works and is undoubtedly happy in hunting action “, he affirms. For Gallardo, the group of hunters would see it as” an advance important “that the rule excludes animals that are used in hunting activities.


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