Mönchengladbach’s mayor defends himself against a concert by Xavier Naidoo

This year, Xavier Naidoo’s tour “There and Away” takes place. In addition to cities such as Regensburg, Berlin, Rostock and Mannheim, Mönchengladbach is also on the agenda.

As part of the Corinna Festival on June 4, 2021 Naidoo’s tour is to begin. However, due to the controversial statements made by the musician, especially on the Internet, three bands have already canceled their performances at the festival. All Aboard and Birk don’t want to share the stage with Xavier Naidoo. Shortly afterwards, the punk band Die Strafe also canceled their performance.

Now Mönchengladbach’s Lord Mayor Felix Heinrichs (SPD) also criticizes Naidoo’s appearance: “It is undisputed that Xavier Naidoo should not be given a stage. I was struck by the ease with which the objections raised were dismissed. [Er] is not based on our democracy, and I would have liked it if the Corinna association had clearly distanced themselves from the start. “

Heinrichs also added that he would be happy if the singer just didn’t perform in town: “If the concert has to be postponed again because of Corona, then I hope there is a possibility to cancel it.”

Other cities are also resisting appearances by Xavier Naidoo

According to the “Westdeutsche Zeitung”, the cities of Dortmund and Hof were also on the tour plan, but tried to get the organizers to remove the planned concerts from the program. The former Lord Mayor Ulrich Sierau (SPD) said in this regard: “We do not want Xavier Naidoo in our city and neither do those fans of his music who share his positions.”

The Dortmund city spokesman Frank Bußmann also said: “The city of Dortmund terminated the lease for the festival meadow in Dortmund’s Westfalenpark for the planned concert to the concert promoter ‘live modus’ in the summer of 2020, as the event was likely to damage the reputation of the city of Dortmund . A formal ban has not been issued, and the organizer did not plan to catch up in Dortmund in 2021. “

A Naidoo gig in Mannheim should also be prevented

It was similar in the Upper Franconian court. Mayor Eva Döhla (SPD) said: “We have not issued a ban on Xavier Naidoo, but since the concert was supposed to take place in a city square, we decided: We don’t want that on our venue.”

In Regensburg, the mayor also spoke out against the concert. Although some organizers already distanced themselves from the artist in 2020, he is sticking to the concert in Regensburg. There was also criticism in Naidoo’s hometown of Mannheim: the local lawyers collected 33,000 signatures in this regard, but without success.

Although no ban is enforced in Mönchengladbach either, the festival could be postponed due to the pandemic.





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