Mom’s Amazing Weight Loss After Quitting Fast Food Obsession


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As long as Janelle Enlund can remember, she has had health problems.

When her weight hit 153.9kg due to a dangerous obsession with energy drinks and fast food, she knew something had to change.

“I lived with takeout,” said the mother of two, 33, to

“I could easily eat McDonald’s three times a day. I lived on energy drinks. I couldn’t tell you how many calories, but it was a lot of food. “

Ms Enlund, who lost over 60 kg and became a pilates instructor, said that at the height of her obesity she drank 24 to 30 cans of Pepsi Max every two to three days.

“I was a size 26. I am now between 8 and 10 depending on the clothes,” she said.

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Throughout her transformation, Ms. Enlund kept a pair of her jeans, which she says is a powerful reminder of the path traveled on her journey.

“It shows me the struggle I started with and how much hard work it took to change my body during this period. It’s a calendar for me, ”she said.

“It was a goal for me to reach for the next pair of jeans.”

If she hadn’t changed her bad lifestyle habits, Ms Enlund said she might not be there for her children.

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“It started after I had my second child and watched my kids wonder if I would be in five years for them at the rate I was going,” Ms. Enlund said.

The Yarra Valley Local in Victoria said the situation was so dire that she refused to look in the mirror and have her photo taken.

“I had trouble getting out. It would take an hour to cry and not have the right clothes, so I would make an excuse not to go out, ”she said.

But four years ago, Ms. Enlund discovered a program that would ultimately change her life.

By combining meal options from wellness company Isagenix with regular physical activity, Ms. Enlund lost 63 kg.

“It helped me become the person I am today. I’m not grumpy anymore, I’m outgoing and confident now, ”she said of her transformation.

Ms. Enlund began her health journey shortly after giving birth to her second child.

“I had just had a caesarean, so for the first two months, my results were just from the program,” she says.

“After eight weeks I started walking and after five months of traveling I started reforming Pilates classes.”

Last year, Ms. Enlund became a qualified reformer Pilates instructor at her local studio, saying she couldn’t imagine her life without the form of exercise.

“I do pilates four to five times a week. I also try to walk three to four times a week. I couldn’t imagine not going to pilates and walking.

She said the biggest challenge was not feeling guilty about putting yourself in front of your family first.

“When I started to see results, it was a bit overwhelming,” she said. “When I lost my first 10 kg, I shed a tear or two. For the first time in ages, I had found a system that could really help me live the life I so desperately wanted.

Ms Enlund said she has tried countless diets and products to help lose weight to no avail.

“Life was difficult,” she said. “It wasn’t just difficult, it wasn’t fun either. I would run into the ground exercising and dieting, but never saw the results I wanted. “

However, today, she said that she felt like a different person after finding the right balance.

“I see a confident and outgoing girl who loves her body and I no longer feel embarrassed looking at myself. I love who I see. I feel amazing, ”she says.

“Two weeks after starting my trip, I took part in a 16 week Isagenix Body Challenge and just started my 13th challenge.”

As a mother of two under the age of two, Ms Enlund said life can be very busy but she always tries to make time for herself – especially when it comes to what she eats.

You won’t find energy, sodas, or fast food meals in her diet today, but that includes a shaken breakfast followed by a snack every two hours until lunchtime and dinner.

“These snacks range from avocado, banana, nuts and apples, anything I can take on the go is the best,” she says.

“For lunch, I eat anything, chicken or steak, pasta, rice and salad as long as I stick to 400-600 calories.

“I love the flavor of the food and I would never give up on it. I always cook the same meals, I just share them better. “

Ms Enlund said that at the start of her trip she was doing it for herself, but now it’s for her family.

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“I want to be a role model for my kids, so they don’t have to struggle with their health like I have for most of my life.”

It is advisable to consult a health professional before starting or making drastic changes to your diet.

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