Mom runs 246 kilometers! The first Latvian to defeat the historic Spartatlon


The previous job is “to blame” for the passion for running. It was 2008. A sports club was established inside the bank, where each employee involved in it was responsible for a specific direction – someone curated cycling, someone volleyball, etc. Sigita also wanted to get involved, but was faced with the question: what will be your contribution? “I didn’t do anything at the time!” she remembers. “I wonder what I know. I can run! (Laughs) I asked if anyone was already on the running field and got a negative answer. “Sigita managed to gather a group of runners to participate in the Riga marathon for a distance of five kilometers. Everything was successful, and the next logical step would be to cover a distance of ten kilometers. And Sigita decided to prepare for the half marathon.

Over the next four years, the half marathons became her passion, constantly trying to improve the result. In 2012, it was time for the first marathon. “My colleagues and I decided in favor of Berlin. We prepared very purposefully – two colleagues who ran very well, we, the girls, drew up a training plan, and we adhered to it. We trained three times a week: one long workout, one at intervals and one at a pace, “says Sigita. In turn, she turned to ultra long distances under the influence of her husband MatÄ«ss Vecvagars and his friends.

The first ultra competition, which took place in Estonia, was very successful. They had a peculiar format – the race took place in a circle, the length of the circle – six kilometers. After the marathon distance, you can say at any time – enough! – and withdraw, the result will be credited. “I kept running and talking to myself – now another lap, one more, another. At some point I found out that I was in third place. It ran my first hundred kilometers and the end of the bag was open …”

To qualify for Spartatlon, two essential things must happen: you must meet the rule and hope for success in the lottery. There are several rules, for example, you must be able to run 100 kilometers in ten hours and 30 minutes, and the result must be shown within the last two years. “From time to time someone said to me, ‘Oh, you’re in the Spartatlon qualifiers!’


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