Mom in action: Beyonce gave a concert in Dubai for $ 24 million

This weekend in Dubai opens the luxury hotel Atlantis The Royal. A few days before the event, it became known that the 41-year-old singer and mother of three children, who has not given concerts for a long time, will perform at the event. An unprecedented, fantastic fee forced the star to break the 5-year silence – according to rumors, BeyoncĂ© received $ 24 million for her performance.

The singer changed several stage costumes during the performance. And she went to the party in a golden dress with a train, as it should be for a real prom queen.

Recently, the star announced the forthcoming Renaissance solo tour, perhaps the singer decided to warm up a bit before the tour. But with such a fee, you can completely postpone the concerts for another five years.

To the luck of the guests of nearby hotels in Dubai, they were able to hear the rehearsal of the concert of the famous singer. Songs heard by vacationers at the soundcheck: “Halo”, “Spirit” and “Freedom”, “Crazy in Love” and “Drunk in Love”.

What else is known about this party? Russian stars are also invited to it: Philip Kirkorov, Klava Koka, and Nyusha, who has been living in Dubai since the beginning of the pandemic. Unlimited cocktails, Michelin-starred chef dinners, pool parties, spa, water park and fireworks are waiting for guests.

An excellent end to the New Year holidays, considering that today is also the Chinese New Year.

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