Mollusk sea slug cuts its head and grows its body

Source Title: Mollusk sea slug cuts its head and grows its body

When certain animals are attacked, some will quickly remove a tail, and some will drop a leg directly, and then grow a new limb. This is true for worms, newts, lizards, and newts.

However, “Contemporary Biology” recently reported that researchers at Nara Women’s University in Japan discovered that sea slugs can develop a complete new body on the head after being decapitated.

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Sea slugs are marine mollusks without shells, and are hermaphrodite. Researchers accidentally discovered a sea slug in the laboratory that had lost its head, was still able to move around, and survived. After the sea slug’s head and body are separated, the two parts move independently. A few days later, the wound on the back of the head healed and continued to eat seaweed. Within one week, a new heart will be regenerated, and within three weeks the whole body will be regenerated, and all the organs will have everything. The headless body does not grow a new head, but it can still move around and respond to touch.

Studies have found that the progress of the regeneration process is related to age. After the young sea slug’s head fell off, it would not take long for it to recover, but the old sea slug’s head did not eat or drink, and died in about ten days.


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