Moeldoko Denies UAS’s Allegation About Hajj Funds

VIVA – Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP) General TNI (Purnawirawan) Moeldoko denied information that funds for Indonesian Hajj candidates had been used by the Government to finance infrastructure development.

“There is nothing like that. The issue is misleading,” said Moeldoko in Mataram, Tuesday.

Moeldoko emphasized that currently the deposits of prospective hajj funds managed by the Government are still safe. However, the departure cannot be carried out because globally it is still in a situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I have spoken to Pak Anggito (Head of the Hajj Financial Management Agency, ed.) that the money is safe,” he said.

He considered this to be understandable because it was still in the atmosphere of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It cannot be forced to send prospective hajj pilgrims to the Holy Land because the safety of the congregation is the main consideration. All countries also face the same problem, or not only Indonesia,” said the former TNI commander.

According to Moeldoko, the policy of departing pilgrims for Hajj candidates is closely related to the policies of the Saudi Arabian government.

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