Modena. Steals the dog tied up outside the supermarket “He seemed sad to me”

The mistress had left him in front of the shop to go shopping The young man is now facing trial for “animal robbery”

Daniele Montanari

He robbed a lady not of money or jewelry but … of the dog. Although it is a beautiful Akita dog breed (the same as in the movie “Hachiko” with Richard Gere), it is quite unique as a fact. And yet it is what a young person who has decidedly exceeded with personal initiative, perhaps even motivated by good intentions, risks a trial.

The fact dates back to 2019, and sees as protagonist a Mandingo refugee who arrived from Zambia and who has obtained the status of political refugee. One beautiful day while he was walking around Modena along the Via Emilia Ovest he was struck by a beautiful Akita dog tied to a railing in front of a supermarket: the owner, a middle-aged lady, had left him there for a few minutes while he was going to do the expense. Perhaps he has seen him sad or thoughtful: the fact is that the young man has seen fit to free him and take him for a walk. Unfortunately for him, however, a friend of the lady saw him and ran after him shouting: “What are you doing?”. “I just took him for a ride because he seemed sad to me,” he replied candidly. Dumbfounded, her friend tore off his leash and took the dog back to the supermarket, where in the meantime the mistress had gone out of the grocery store and was desperate about where her beloved dog might have ended up.

Instead of going away and closing it there, the young man also went back to the supermarket and went to the dog’s owner, who obviously was angry with him. Enough to take his cell phone to call the police. But he, seeing the gesture, threw a fist on her hand to make her phone drop: he didn’t want the police. But the same arrived and, after hearing the testimonies, he recognized not only the crime of theft but also that of robbery for the violent act with which the young man, by dropping the lady’s cell phone, wanted to ensure impunity.

Yesterday in the preliminary hearing the lawyer Mario Marchiò, the young man’s trusted defender, asked for a psychiatric report for him, harboring doubts about his ability to understand and want. In support, he referred to medical certificates from which a problematic mental picture in the young man would have already emerged. The judge admitted, appointing a valuation expert.



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