ML System has developed a device that detects COVID-19 from the breath. President Duda at the presentation

The Polish company ML System has designed a device that is able to detect coronavirus from the breath in less than 10 seconds. – This is really a revolution and once again I would like to express my great joy that today it is happening in Poland – President Andrzej Duda said during a press conference in Zaczernie (Podkarpackie Province).


On Thursday, the president paid a visit to the headquarters of ML System – a producer and distributor of photovoltaic panels.

“A device that detects COVID-19 from the breath”

– Today we will present the company’s latest product, completely remarkable, especially in today’s very difficult times, when we are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a device that detects COVID-19 from the breath, as well as from various other substances in less than 10 seconds – he informed.

Duda expressed his hope that this device would not only prevent many coronavirus infections and save many people from infections, but above all, make life easier for societies around the world.

– The discovery of this device right here, in the company near Rzeszów (…) is today a great pride not only of Podkarpacie, but of the entire Republic of Poland, and also mine. I believe that soon after the clinical trials that begin in the coming days, this device will be able to go into mass production and – I hope – will make the company famous around the world, because it is something that he has not yet created and has not created. presented – as far as I know – nobody yet – said the president.

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President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda during a press briefing at the seat of ML System in Zaczernie PAP

“It works in a manner similar to a police breathalyser”

– I have asked entrepreneurs many times to create research and development centers and this is what it is here – said the president. He emphasized that the device developed by ML System to detect, among others, coronavirus, is “an extraordinary example of innovative thought, it is really safe to say that it is downright brilliant, considering how coronavirus diagnostics looks like so far.”

The president, who tested the device in the company’s laboratory and tested negative, reported that “it works in a manner similar to a police breathalyser.” – You just take the device, blow into this hole, and literally after a few seconds, the screen shows the result of whether this test is positive or negative, i.e. whether someone is exhaling coronavirus or not – he explained. As he admitted, “it really does make an amazing impression”.

The president pointed out that despite the negative result of the COVID-19 test, everyone present at the presentation is wearing masks, because the ML System device is “not yet approved for operation”, so the test results are “unofficial”. – But ladies and gentlemen, this is really a revolution, and once again I would like to express my great joy that it is happening in Poland and from Poland – said Andrzej Duda.

“A revolution is taking place before our eyes”

The president of ML System, Dawid Cycoń, said that “a technological revolution, a revolution in the fight against coronavirus is taking place before our eyes.”

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Cycoń said that the ML System company created a device that is able to detect coronavirus in several dozen days.

– We are after the preliminary tests, we have obtained the approval of the medical bioethics committee to go to the research phase already on ready-made swabs, we expect very soon results in terms of sensitivity and detectability of the device – said the president of the ML System company. He expressed the hope that the device would be widely used in workplaces, airports and border crossings. He emphasized that the device would not require specialized service. – This device is designed to diagnose the virus everywhere. I believe that after being put into mass production, we will defeat the virus very quickly, not only in our region, but also worldwide, ‘said Cycoń.

Main photo source: PAP / Darek Delmanowicz

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