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April 20, 2021 06:00

Miyagi University of Education

Miyagi University of Education will start selecting enrollees according to the actual situation of teacher training in Tohoku in line with the reorganization of the faculty in 2022. While establishing a new “Miyagi Prefecture Retention Frame” for primary education majors such as elementary schools and kindergartens, we have also set a “Regional Retention Frame” for people from outside Miyagi Prefecture who aim to become teachers of subjects with few teacher training courses. Open the door to students from all over Tohoku.
Many medical schools have “regional quotas” that require them to work in a specific area after graduation, but this is the first time that a university in Tohoku has introduced it for teacher training.
The undergraduate reorganization unifies the teacher training courses, which are divided into three courses: primary education, secondary education, and special education, and then establishes the current three courses as majors. We will create a four-major system that combines the “Arts and Physical Education / Lifestyle Education Major”, which integrates practical subjects such as music, art, and physical education from each of the current courses.
Among the new programs, the Miyagi prefecture settlement frame for school recommendation type selection will be linked to the “regional frame” introduced in the public school teacher employment examination of the prefectural board of education. The recommendation condition is that there is a desire to work in 6 cities and 6 towns such as Ishinomaki City and Minamisanriku Town, according to the regional frame where elementary schools such as coastal areas where there are few local teachers will work for about 10 years. People from other prefectures can also apply, and 10 people will be recruited.
The Department of Arts and Physical Education / Lifestyle Education is recruiting 45 people through comprehensive selection. In addition to a teacher’s license for music, art, health and physical education, technology, and home economics in junior high school, a graduation requirement is required to obtain a license for other subjects in elementary school or junior high school.
Eight of these are set as “community settlement frames,” and are assumed to be those who aim to become teachers of practical skills courses whose training courses have been abolished by the university of their hometown. The application condition is that you have a desire to get a teaching profession outside Miyagi prefecture. Both programs start with applications for admission in the 22nd year.
Naotoshi Matsuoka, Vice President of Miyagi University of Education, said, “In addition to the mission of sending teachers to the educational field in Miyagi prefecture without any regional differences, I also feel the responsibility to contribute to securing teachers throughout Tohoku. Talk to.

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