Mixed breed dog NINAMARIE from Croatia

ID Number462958

shelter nameLesika – Hundehilfe Varaždin eV


Breedsmongrel dog

gender/neuteredFemale Sterilized

Alter 1 year, 10 months


at the shelter since13.07.2022

last update06.11.2022


fond of children


Suitable for






Compatible with

males, females, cats

In the summer of 2022, the fluffy Nina-Marie came to Vesna, a lovely foster home of the Asylum Spa, very pregnant. There she gave birth to seven adorable little puppies – five girls and two boys. The colorful family of dogs was able to relax and regenerate in peace with Vesna, a dear foster mom in Croatia. Now Nina is gradually ready for a home.

Nina-Marie is an extremely friendly, cuddly and tolerable bitch. She loves us humans and cuddles. We believe that she will bring much joy and love to her future people. Your puppies should of course also be allowed to leave the country, it would be nice if they all moved in with their families soon and were allowed to live a happy dog ​​life.

If you would like to have an all-round great companion at your side with this sweet bitch, please contact us.

Contact: tanja@lesikamail.de

Important NOTE: Before arranging an adoption, make sure that the dog is not subject to any federal or state import or transfer restrictions based on its breed. If in doubt, contact your local public order office.

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