Miscellaneous. Bomb threat at Part-Dieu: the suspect automatically hospitalized


A person presenting “psychiatric disorders” and having to “undergo an expertise in order to determine his degree of criminal responsibility”. It is the description that the Lyon Public Prosecutor’s Office made on Friday of the woman arrested Thursday at Part-Dieu station, where she threatened to cause an explosion. His police custody was lifted on Friday due to his compulsory hospitalization, the prosecution said on Saturday.

Hospitalization is compulsory admission to psychiatric care, by decision of the State representative, in this case the Prefect. It concerns people whose mental disorders require treatment and compromise the safety of persons or seriously undermine public order.

Thursday afternoon, this 51-year-old woman, domiciled in 9e arrondissement of Lyon, had made confused remarks, threatening to use explosive devices in a travel bag. An unfounded threat which had all the same provoked the evacuation of the station and the stop of rail traffic for more than three hours. His arrest required the intervention of the RAID, the BAC and the demining service; before his transfer to the premises of the judicial police.

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